Tiago Franco

Hi,  I’m Tiago.

I was born 37 years ago on one of Lisbon Hills, overseen by the Castle and bathed by the river. I’ve studied Engineering at ISEL and there I met most of the people who are part of “Magellan Family” today.

I grew up between Lisbon, the South side of River Tejo and the Azores and that’s why I started packing my backpack long before realizing it. I crossed the border in the 90s and got my taste for discovery. I live and work in Sweden as an Electronics Engineer, but I like to think of it as a hobby that takes up about 40 hours a week.

I don’t go a day without looking at a map and when I think about the perfect scenery I’m reminded of Alentejo where my family roots are. I have a son called Diogo who, at the age of 6, is starting to get a taste for the backpack and has already asked me if Rio de Janeiro really exists. I know it sounds like a common catchphrase, but I really think that living without travelling is like reading only the first page of a book. The world is shed a different light when we perceive its contrasts.

At Magellan Route I will be in charge of the following destinations: Japan, Israel, Palestine and Cambodja. Would you join me?

Tiago Franco